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DEEPROOTS Trust Center

How DEEPROOTS protects your information

With security, risk and privacy concerns so prevalent, our clients know they can trust the ever-evolving tools, technologies and safeguards DEEPROOTS has in place to help provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our clients’ information.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to continually enhancing and refining the business outsourcing platform you’ve relied on for more than half a century, so you can look forward rather than over your shoulder.

DEEPROOTS Client Security Tips

  • Click Smart. It only takes one click on a malicious link to cause irreparable damage. If you are unsure about a link, copy and paste the link into your browser rather than clicking on it.
  • Encrypt your confidential and/or sensitive information.
  • Provide access to DEEPROOTS’s systems only to authorized employees.
  • Keep all of your work areas clear of confidential information.
  • Do not share your password and do not allow the sharing of passwords among employees.
  • Properly protect and dispose of DEEPROOTS reports and electronic media provided to you.

Signs of a Social Engineering attack:

  • Refusal to give a call-back number
  • Pauses or unease when questioned
  • Overly complimentary
  • Claims that the request is urgent
  • Claim of authority
  • Name-dropping

Protect yourself against Fraudulent Check Scams

You should also be on the alert for fraudulent check scams. Some common types include:

  • Lottery schemes
  • Overseas Business Offers
  • Online Auction Overpayments
  • Apartment Rental/Roommates
  • Dating Websites/Romantic Chatrooms
  • Work-at-Home Ads