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Payroll Product

HRMS Module Details

A. Recruitment

  • Job Creation & career Generation Process
  • Applicant Entry Form.
  • Criteria Definition
  • Applicant Screening Levels I, II, III
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Evaluation Parameter Definition and Evaluation
  • Rank Sheet Generation Process

B. HR Policy Definition Module-Basic

  • CADER Definition
  • Define Logical Structure of the Company
  • [Company, Branch, Department, Division]
  • Salary Structure Definition.
  • Salary Slab Definition System
  • Leave Structure Definition
  • Periods of Confirmation Definition
  • Employee Promotion.
  • Organization chart with Department Wise Strength (Drag and drop boxes showing capacity,available,excess/required)
  • Semi Dynamic Dashboard
  • Employee view and Tree View Filters in One Page Format..
  • Remainders for apply, approval Transactions and Schedules
C. Logical Structure
  • Category Definition
  • Role Management
  • Defined Department,designation,Division
  • Man Power Strengthfixed
D. Employee Personal                                                                 
  • Employee Information Definition
  • (Employee Personal, Employee Company, Relation, Nominee,
  • Qualification, Contact Information, Experience, Certificates, Medical, Photo)
  • Age Proof Certificate Generation
  • Form 34 G Generation
  • Sign Verification Form
  • Appoint Order,
  • Age Proof Certificates
  • ESI Join Certificates
  • PF Nominations & Declaration Form
  • Company Nomination Form
  • Propagation Order, Increment Order, Transfer Order, Reliving Order
E. Time Office Management
  • Batch Definition System
  • Shift Definition System
  • Employee Batch Allocation System
  • Shift Allocation with Batch Process
  • Shift Rotation
  • Holiday Updations
  • Auto Week Off and Holiday Posting
  • Integrate with Punching Downloading System.
  • EL Handling System, EL Opening Definition.
  • Permission Hours Utilization Concept.
  • Comp Off Allocation and Utilization.
  • Leave, Permission and Onduty Apply and Approval Systems.
    • (Based on User Administration Methods.)
  • Manual Attendance Handling System.
  • Attendance, Overtime Approval system by HODS
  • Overtime Manual Handling System
  • Less Hour Slab Definition System

F. Employee Benefits

  • Loan Handling System [Apply & Approval, Simple Interest Calculation or Amorzation Calculation method available]
  • [Vehicle Loan, Staff Housing Loan etc]
  • Advance [Festival Advance, Salary Advance, Apply & Approval Concepts]
  • Group Insurance.
  • Savings or Deposits.
  • Loan Generated Reports. Due Pending Reports
  • Define score Types
  • Define Skills
  • Define Rating Factors
  • Performance Appraisal Forms
  • Performance Evaluation Reports
  • 360 Performance Appraisal Forms
H. PAYROLL Management
  • Salary Definition thru Manual or thru Formula [based on slab],
  • Salary Increment System [Auto Indication for the Period] or manual apply System [Apply & Approval Systems]
  • Creating DateLog Controls against Category
  • Manual Allowance or Deduction Entry Systems
  • Salary Generation Process. Against Cadres.
  • [Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly] including OT.
  • Auto Salary Structure Splitting and Calculation
  • Allowance if any fixed taken for Salary
  • OT Calculation if any OT slabs or Hours Defined
  • PF Calculation
  • ESI Calculation
  • Other Deduction Systems
  • Generating Net Pay … All in One Shot Process
    • due Updations Process against Employee Benefits
    • Account and unaccounted Salary Calculation System
  • Additional OTCalculation methods
  • EL Calculation
  • Bonus Calculation with Exgrations… based on defining Bonus Masters with Cadres
  • Gratuity Calculation System
  • 14, Open Pay for the before Periods Entry System.
  • 15, Employee Settlement Form Generation System



  • Attendance Check Lists,
  • Statement Reports (Filtered e.g..Category wise)
  • Abstract Reports
  • Bank Salary Statements
  • Loan Pending, Loan Due Reports
  • Pay Slips
  • OT Reports, OT with ESI.
  • Employee Join List, Gender Wise, Birthday whishes, Contact Details, etc.
  • Employee Left or To Be Left (PF Left, Non PF Left).
  • Employee Attendance Reports (One month format, negative attendances.
  • Increment List (Dynamic Report Formats for variable separations).
  • Attendance Details Report &
  • Musted Roll Report
  • Dept Wise Present Strength, Category Wise Present Strength
  • Leave Details, Permission, Onduty, Compensation etc..
  • Attendance Flag Reports, Briefly and Detailed. Tracing Latecomers, early coming, Late outgoing, early outgoing(one day, set of Days,)
  • Less Hour Deductions Reports.
  • Attendance Details Report Per Day
To Company
  • Man Power Cost_ (cat, dept, EMP)
  • (Salary, PF Gratuity, Bonus, OT)
  • Cost To the Company (Daily, Monthly)
PF Reports
  • PF Contribution
  • PF Abstract
  • PF Remittance Report
  • PF Challan
  • Form 5 (PF)
  • Form 10 (PF)
  • Form 12 A
  • Form 9 Report
  • EDL 7 (IF)
  • PF Form 6A
  • PF Form 3A (user can take the reports in one short format for all employees)
  • Nomination & Declaration

ESI Reports

  • ESI Contribution
  • ESI Abstract
  • ESI Remittance
  • ESI Challan
  • ESI Form 5 (Dispensary)
  • ESI Join Application Form
IT Reports
  • IT Working Seat
  • IT Return Form
  • Form 16 A
  • Form 24 Q Challan
  • Gratuity claim Report
  • Settlement Report
  • Scheme Report
Yearly Benefit Repots
  • EL Pay Repots Abstract
  • Bonus Reports Abstract
User Administration
  • Admin, HOD, Users Authorization.
  • User Authorization in Every Page Level.
  • User Input Monitoring System.
  • Separate Login For Every Employee.
Dashboard and Organization Chart
  • Group of MIS Reports.
  • Daily Man Cost Reports.
  • Department and Designation wise Man Reports,
  • Actual Cost to Company,
  • Fully Automation of Organization chart,
Chart with Man Power strength