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Features and benefits

5.1 Cutting Edge Human Resource Management System

The Deep Roots Technologies Human Resource software module is designed to help companies in any industry, or any size, bring the challenging task of HR record keeping and government reporting under control. Extensive information is available at your fingertips through our HR software aiding in protecting your company’s most valuable asset, your Human Capital.

Our human resource software makes viewing employee data simple and easy. There are custom search capabilities to aid in finding employee information and working on employee records. You can tailor the HR software by changing field names and search options. This can make the system easier to navigate and to use, maximizing the effectiveness of your time and other resources.

Use as a stand-alone payroll solution for your businesses. HRMS is the state of the art payroll management software that can be easily and securely accessed through any web browser anywhere in the world. This intranet accessibility allows companies to deploy their payroll management solution across multiple remote locations.

This payroll processing software will improve your payroll process, saving your time and money, and provide you with real-time access to accurate and up-to-date information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Payroll data can be entered at remote locations making your payroll processing software more effective, streamlined and accurate. You will be able to print checks locally to remote printers for easier and faster check distribution. Since HRMS is written with ASP .NET(C#), there is less hardware and payroll processing software which would otherwise be necessary to purchase and maintain, making the total cost of ownership superior to any other.

5.2 Features:

  •   Client Server Technology (Internet & Intranet).
  •   Multiple Branch Integration with Single Database.
  •   Attendance Manipulation Covered With Grid Editable Facility.
  •   Attendance Page Appearance and Marking Similar As Manual Attendance Register.
  •   Employee master Page Designed with Multi Layer Save Option.
  •   Allowance & Deductions Entry Posted With Single Input To All Employees.
  •   Apply & Approval procedure followed for all Employee benefits like leave, Loan, insurance, etc
  •   Employee’s complete profile view with printable option.
  •   Data Manipulation Is Secured Through Datelog Control Panel.
  •   Multi Users Can Work Simultaneously.
  •   Automatic Shift Changing Facility.
  •   All Types Of Punching Machines Can Be Easily Integrated With Package.
  •   User Friendly for Filtering, Editing and Reporting.
  •   Empowers Users To Take Quick & Accurate Decisions.
  •   Flexibility to Import & Export Data.

5.3 Advantages:

  •  For example one user can handle up to 750 employee’s time office transaction
  •  Day to day attendance activities can be completed through electronic data Within 5 minutes.
  •  Day to day attendance activities can be completed through manual entry Within 30 minutes
  •  After completion of day to day activities, salary generation and checking Process can be completed within 2 hours at the end of every month.
  •  All salary payments ready to pay to employee on first day of succeeding Month.
  •  All government returns can be taken on second day of succeeding month.
  •  Bonus, gratuity, Leave with wages, settlement and etc., can be generated Easily and shortly.
  •  PF & ESI returns (yearly, half yearly) print out can be taken within few Minutes.


5.4  Key Salient Features & Benefits:

  •   Improve business practices and streamline operations
  •   Reduce the need for departmental systems, Provide new functionality
  •   Provide a single point of entry for information
  •   Provide electronic workflow, processing, and approvals
  •   Automate audits and edits, and centralize rules administration
  •   Empowers you to take quick and accurate decisions.
  •   Improve information access at the employee, supervisor, and administrative levels
  •   Improving working Capital Management.
  •   Flexibility to import and Exports Data.
  •   Flexible Reporting (All Government Reports)
  •   Accurate and timely Information for Decision Making.
  •   Enhanced Man Power Usage, Multi-Users concurrence.
  •   Meets all statutory report requirements including e-mail ready reports.
  •   Queries and views for quick and instant decision making.
  •   Instant Access to Up-to-date Information


Our software runs the gamut of Payroll, Human Resources, Applicant Tracking, Time & Attendance, Benefit Election & Enrollment, Salary Planning & Administration, Position Control, Alerts, Employee Self Service, and Reporting.  HRMS was designed to modernize payroll management software to make data entry flow with logic and speed. HRMS has built in logic, which allows you to make changes fast and easy, allowing changes to be made up to the very last minute.

You will have more flexibility and control over your Payroll management software. HRMS will allow you to improve your processing accuracy keeping all your financial records up to date in real-time. HRMS allows you to make better business decisions and focus in on the strategic, profit generating, areas of your company with a highly-evolved payroll software solution.

5.5 Our Specialty is Online Payroll,

Our Specialty is Online Payroll,

Payroll is one of the most important aspects of running your small business, but that does not mean that you feel comfortable with the process. Instead of worrying about taking care of everything properly, you can sign up for our easy to use online payroll services. With EHR Payroll Express, you will simply need to enter and approve each employee’s hours, and we will take care of the rest!

Extremely Fast Payroll Processing

With our online payroll services, you will be able to enter, review and approve your payroll in a couple of minutes. Long gone will be the time-consuming process of manually cutting checks and calculating proper payroll taxes. Instead, you will simply enter each employee’s hours, and we will take care of the rest. Our online account center also provides access to a comprehensive list of payroll reports, and you can easily edit any employee’s information.

Payroll Tools for Accountants

If you oversee the payroll process for several clients, you can utilize one of our payroll partner programs to easily access each client’s information online at any time.

Security Features

Your employees deserve peace of mind, and our online payroll service is monitored around the clock by a combination of third parties and on-site security to make sure that everyone’s personal information remains safe at all times. We use encryption software for all of your stored data, and we also utilize the strongest available security for each browser. Additionally, our security staff implements the latest security technology as it becomes available.

5.6 HR On-Demand Services

The human resources field is constantly changing, and this can cause a lot of confusion for small business owners. Instead of struggling to maintain your business and a strong knowledge of HR-related topics, you can turn to our HR On-Demand services for easy access to everything that you need to know.Our HR On-Demand services include a comprehensive list of HR topics that you can search as needed, and we also offer professional HR consultants to tackle your most difficult questions. Additionally, our tools will help you remain compliant with all of the applicable laws, and you will gain invaluable insight into the implementation of a best practices program to promote productivity and employee satisfaction.

Our skilled HR team can assist you with the drafting or revising of an employee handbook, and we also offer an extensive list of customization options for your HR documents. Turn to the professionals at EHR Payroll Express and Pinnacle Business Services today to make understanding HR one of the easiest aspects of running your business.

5.7 When Payroll Gets Complicated

Doing Your Own Payroll

It can be difficult to make sure that you properly process all non-standard changes to an employee’s compensation, including overtime, bonuses and missed time that will not be covered by sick or vacation time.

The laws that impact payroll taxes at a local, state and federal level are constantly changing. If you fail to keep up, you could deal with serious consequences, and you will also be fined for late payments.

Using EHR Payroll Express

All you need to do is enter your employee’s hours and salary, and our program will automatically take care of all of the applicable withholdings and deductionsWe guarantee that all local, state and federal payroll taxes will be properly calculated, filed and paid in a timely manner.

5.8 Why is EHR Payroll Express the Best Option?


Unlike other online payroll providers that make you call or fax in your payroll at a set time, we enable you to submit your payroll online at any time.


By doing your entire payroll process online, we can save you approximately 50 percent of the standard processing fees that are associated with third-party payroll services.

Payroll PF-ESI-Tax

nstead of taking on the responsibility of paying all of your taxes on time, you can rely on us to file and pay all of your taxes in a timely manner for you. In fact, we are so confident about our service, we guarantee your satisfaction.

5.9 Technologies :

Deep Roots Technologies in its pursuit offers a comprehensive range of HR Software solutions specific to Textiles Industries. Developed in the latest Client/Server Technology using SQL Server and ASP.NET(C#) as a front end tool.

We provide quality business solutions with the help of the following technologies.
ASP.Net, -2003&2005,2008.C#, VC#.NET,VB.Net,,JScript.NET, J#,VB, ASP, COM+, IIS,Frame Work 1.1, 1.2, 1.3.
Multimedia and Web Design Tools:
Adobe, Macromedia, XML, HTML, DHTML, AJAX, XHTML, CSS 2.0
SQL Server 2000-2005,2008, MS Access, Oracle, My SQL.
Operating Systems
Windows Desktop OS, XP, Vista, Windows Networking OS, Windows Server 2003.
Reporting Tool: EReports, Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET 2002, Crystal Reports 10, Crystal Reports 11.


Professional Services

An integral part of your solution is human resource management services, the consulting, training and support that increase the value of your solution and ensure that it remains a fundamental tool for your growth and success. Deep Roots Technologies and you work together to deliver unsurpassed service with dedication, hard work and knowledge to help you achieve your business goals. We understand your business requirements. We call our system Customer Care because we are committed to a positive and mutually rewarding experience with our clients. Our implementation process delivers the maximum benefit to you in real time. These HR management services encompass not only implementation assistance but training and data conversions.